Ezy-Lift Product Videos

Who We Are

Our mission is simple, we move North America faster, safer and easier. Our patented design enables you to get more production out of your vehicles and employees. Ezy-Lift was designed with safety as one of its primary purposes. On-the-job injuries generated from lift systems currently on the market cost companies millions because they only get the job partially done. Ezy-Lift gets the entire job done safely and easily while keeping your employees at a safe distance from heavy objects.

In a recent survey done by the NTEA, the average age of the North American fleet is 11 years. Companies are keeping trucks longer, attempting to minimize expenses and increase the bottom-line. The light to medium size trucks are the backbone of the fleet world because of their ability to haul equipment and supplies. At Ezy-Lift our job is to help North American businesses haul more with less and do it faster and safer. While your competition is waiting for the fork-lift to arrive our lift will have the job done for you. It’s Ezy!

Fortune 500 Agree!

Already the biggest companies in the energy and mining businesses are turning to us, because Ezy-Lift has proven that it’s lift technology saves them time and money. The customer list is already a Who’s-Who from corporate America.


“Best lift gate we ever invested in! We use it on a daily basis and it pays for itself through increased productivity. Eliminates our need for a forklift.” George Phillips – Sigma Energy – Ozona, Texas

“Great truck lift! We use it to lift and place 50 KBA transformers weighing up to 950 lbs.”
Robert Taylor – South Texas Nuclear Plant – Bay City, Texas

“I love my Ezy Lift – it lets me do what would normally take 2 to 3 men to do. I recommend it to anyone who has to deal with 200 lbs or more and to ANYONE in my business.” Ken Adams – Adams Memorials – La Porte, Texas

“This tool should have been on the market ten years ago! It’s a great addition for our trucks.”
Henry Martin – El Paso Corporation – Jall, New Mexico

“Best truck bed hoist we’ve ever bought. Don’t know how we lived without it. We are the talk of the town.”
Cyndi Sauer – Texas Department of Transportation – Houston, Texas

“We chose the Ezy-Lift over tailgate lifts and corner cranes for our applications because we saw the increased productivity and potential to reduce injuries with Ezy-Lift.” Ronnie Sick – Health and Safety Specialist for S Hughes Christensen – Houston, Texas

“I’m Really loving my new lift! Thank you for all of your help!” Gary – Halliburton