Ezy-lift PG 850 for John Deere Pro Gator

john deer ezy lift proGator

This Ezy-Lift product is designed to fit John Deer Pro Gator vehicles.

John Deere Pro – Gator Ezy Lift Usage:

A golf property can use the John Deere Pro-Gator / EZY Lift to move 55 gallon drums, 244 gallon chemical/fertilizer totes, dead trees, generators, trash pumps, 50-100hp electric motors, engines, transmissions, 1000 lb fertilizer bags to name a few. Other usage would be to retrieve pumps out of the wet well in irrigation systems, lining up large irrigation piping for easier repairs to irrigation main lines, installing slip couplers or mechanical couplers for all irrigation and large drainage repairs. The house maintenance guys would use the lift to set air conditioning units, utility applications, straightening tennis fencing, setting large signage and fencing structures.

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